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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What does "King's Cross Leather Products Co.,Ltd." produce?

A:  We produce leather goods such as leather handbags, leather purses, leather wallets, leather luggage, leather
      belt and other products which are high-potential products in both leather goods market and premium product

Q:  What kind of leather does the company use in production?

A:  Most of our products are made of genuine cow leather, genuine stingray leather, and artificial leather such as 
      PU and PVC.

Q:  What is the price to produce your order?

A:  Price of each product is varied, depending on design, kind of leather, and kind of other raw materials as
      well as the amount of order. In case a product is newly designed, the sample must be produced for price

Q:  How much is the minimum order?

A:  As we separate products into three main types, the minimum order should be referred to a table below.

            Small size (Wallet, Ladies’ Purses and etc.):               100 units /order
            Medium-to-large size (handbags, luggage and etc.):      20 units /order
            Belts:                                                                        100 units /order

Q:  Is it possible to see some sample products?

A:  We always welcome the requests for sample products. We can send the samples to your address, or you
      can visit the company’s office to see them (by appointment).

Q:  Is it possible to customize a product according to your preferences?

A:  We operate a made-to-order factory. We always welcome every single design in order to maximize customer

Q:  Is it possible to produce some samples before mass production?

A:  To maximize your satisfaction, we can make some samples to ensure the design confirmation, price estimation,
      and quality check. Especially for every new design, some samples must be produced before starting mass

Q:  What is the procedure of a purchasing order?

A:  1. You select design and kind of materials.
      2. We produce some samples to estimate the price and get design approval from you (if you request to do
          or the design is new).
      3. Both of us make an agreement on price, payment, and delivery.
      4. We start mass production and then deliver the finished product to the place before/on the due date.

Q: Can you refund your purchase if the finished products are different from what you and the company
     have dealt?

A:  We always check the quality of products in every process of production in order to ensure that you will have
      the best products in your hand. However, you can get a full refund for the product price if the finished
      products are not the same as the agreement. 

Q: How can you contact us for more information?

A: You can contact the sales staff via telephone +66 2 472 4570 or e-mail: sales@kingofleather.com



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